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COLLEGE FOR KIDS PROGRAM: A program for kids ages 9-12 that develops an awareness of diverse career opportunities for its youth participants. Through the informative and captivating presentations by professionals, participants learn the nature of, significance of and qualifications for various professions. The young people meet and talk with doctors, diplomats, lawyers, linguists, journalists, bankers, teachers and others. They attend workshops that help them learn ways they can take care of their own health. The youth learn conflict resolution methods.


KEEPING OUR KIDS HEALTHY: Preventable disease, disability and childhood obesity have a profound effect on the health of African Americans in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area.   The healthy lifestyle initiative  is an awareness and advocacy campaign that assist in developing a framework for sustainable community environments for healthy communities.  Keeping Our Kids Healthy is a neighborhood-centered approach outreach program that raises awareness and provides advocacy in educating African-American youths and parents/caregivers on healthy eating habits, a demonstrable heart healthy meal and increased physical activities.


WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Collaboration with other local organizations and government agencies in assisting unemployed persons with resume, career development and job search so that we may reduce the number of unemployed persons in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

VETERANS: NCBW-KC effectively connects veterans to resources that help repay educational loans.


VOTER REGISTRATION AND EDUCATION: A year-round campaign to focus on increasing voter registration and voter turnout in local elections. The campaign also focuses on educating community members on Voting Rights, and bringing awareness to circumstances that allow ex-felons to retain the right to vote in the state of Missouri.  NCBW-KC provides a free 1-hour educational session that dissects ambiguity in ballot language so that community members may develop a clear understanding of the ballot questions before election-day.  A community member’s critical thinking coupled with NCBW-KC’s nonpartisan educational tools helps to develop a well-informed voter.


WOMEN ABUSE & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: NCBW-KC works to break the cycle of domestic violence so that women and their families can live free from violence. We provide counseling, share resources with, and fundraise to provide other services for women and children who are victims of abuse and domestic violence.


MY DIRECT SHARE PROGRAM: In essence, this program is “Individuals Giving Back to Their Communities Their Share.” NCBW-KC mobilizes and administers volunteers to area non-profits and community-based organizations that provide services to African American women and their families. Most importantly, the volunteer opportunities expose youth and adults to other vulnerable populations of the community. The program gives youth and adults the chance to directly contribute to the development of local solutions to local problems faced in their community. 


NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERSHIP:  NCBW-KC has established a neighborhood advocate in a neighborhood with a minimal voice to help address critical issues plaguing our community.  NCBW-KC continues to support neighborhoods through representation and volunteerism.

PUBLIC CHANCE MEETINGS:  NCBW-KC’s Public Chance Meetings engage women and girls in an educational conversation so that women may better support our girls and strengthen our families. The Public Chance Meeting is a structured, but informal, shared discussion among women and girls that offers knowledge, support, listening and some possible solutions, in a safe and respectable public setting. This is a moderated and timed discussion.