We’re The Organization That Brought Truth to the Capitol


In 2006, President George W. Bush signed into law, the authority for the Sojourner Truth bust sculpture to be donated by the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. on Capitol Hill.  

The sculpture bust of Sojourner Truth was unveiled on April 28, 2009 in the Emancipation Hall in Washington, DC.  The sculpture was done by Artist,  Artis Lane of California and member of NCBW Los Angeles Chapter.

NCBW National President speaks the truth about Sojourner Truth and the bust on Capitol Hill in this video.

What We Stand For

  • Positive image, positive energy, and positive beauty in women of color

  • Rebuilding our families

  • Human rights

  • Enriching our communities through education and service

  • Direct representative democracy

  • K-12 public education as a social responsibility Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion

  • STEM science, technology, energy, and mathematics

  • Sisterhood

  • Preserving culture

  • Health equity

  • Increasing accessibility for registered, eligible voters to exercise their right to vote

  • Restoration of voter rights to eligible constituents in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area

  • Women’s equity in health care, health access, pay, and reproductive rights

  • Economic empowerment

  • Voter research and education

  • Social and economic justice

  • Building a healthier and sustainable community

  • Exposing our children to environments of success

  • Immigration reform and finding a pathway to citizenship for our undocumented brothers and sisters